7 Reasons Why Rescue Dogs Make the Best Pets

One of the most rewarding things in life is becoming best friends with a dog. If you have been looking to welcome one into your family, consider adopting a rescue dog as opposed to buying one from a breeder. It’s always the better option!

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These are seven reasons why rescue dogs make the best pets:

They have probably been trained or housebroken already

Some animals at a shelter have been given up by their previous owner due to financial, situational, or life circumstances. This isn’t the animal’s fault by any means nor does it make them a bad animal. Life just no longer worked out in their favor. Despite the fact, because they have been in a home or with a family, they have probably been trained, housebroken, and well-socialized with other animals or people. This saves you the trouble of having to do all those things which makes a potential pet’s transition into your life much easier.

You can get a feel for their personalities off the bat

A puppy from a breeder is like a lottery ticket. You never know whether or not you’ve hit the jackpot until you take it home and see what lies beneath the surface. On the other hand, at a shelter, you are given the luxury of getting to know a dog’s personality and habits from the shelter members and volunteers. Additionally, you can even spend time interacting with the dog to see if they’ll be a good fit for you. There are also multiple breeds and ages of dogs to choose from, making it easier to find out whether or not one can complement your lifestyle!

 You’re giving them another chance at life

Sometimes, the previous life of a shelter dog may not have been a loving one. If you come into the picture, you can turn their life around and give it a better one than they’ve had in the past. A dog who is cared for by a wonderful owner will love them and express their gratitude. Lastly, when you adopt from a shelter, you open up a spot to make room for another dog that needs a loving home as well.

The shelter has already medically treated them

The shelter neuter or spays your dog before making it available for adoption. Furthermore, rescue dogs are vaccinated, receive medical check-ups throughout the day, and are usually in great shape! The only thing you have to do to maintain your future dog’s health is to keep up with routine visits to the vet. Also, because rescue dogs receive veterinary care, you save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars since a majority of the medical expenses have been taken care of for you already.

Rescue dogs are treated better than those who are bred at mills

A mill or breeder allows poor conditions for their puppies, such as unsanitary and overcrowded cages and a lack of proper access to food and water. In other words, the puppies are victims of animal cruelty. This is a fact that many people do not know which makes them continue to support the business. Rescue shelters are the complete opposite with their living conditions: dogs have large and spacious cages, learn to socialize with other animals, are taken out for walks, and receive love and attention from shelter members and volunteers.

They improve your health

Not only do dogs make the world a better place, they improve the health of human beings. Studies show that owning a dog has proven to lower your chances of developing chronic diseases as well as strengthen your immune system. Did you know a child who is raised with a dog is less prone to suffering asthma, allergies, or respiratory problems? Young children exposed to the microbes from a dog’s fur are proven to grow up with a stronger immune system since a dog’s fur exposes them to microbes. Subsequently, dogs also alleviate depression and anxiety, improve cardiovascular health, and stimulates the production of serotonin in your body, the “love” hormone,” every time you cuddle and pet them. What’s more is that dogs can even help with recovery if an owner was a former addict!

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You feel more fulfilled with a rescue dog companion

There is nothing comparable in this world to the love of a dog, and adopting one only brings you the utmost joy. They give you unconditional love, friendship, and loyalty. Evidently, you will always know by the smile on their faces that you weren’t the only one who benefited from the adoption – they get to live a fulfilling life with their best friend too.

If you were looking to adopt a dog, visit your local shelter. Each animal has been adequately taken care of, and your conscience will be at ease knowing you are supporting a meaningful cause. Most of all, by adopting a rescue dog, you have contributed to bettering the world by reducing one more case of animal cruelty.

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