Best Dog Food for PitBulls by Dr.Alice

Among the medium sized dogs, tougher Pitbulls stand tall, as the survivors that can thrive on just about any dog food. Probably, this makes your concern as an owner more demanding. You want your pooch to be healthier, muscular and stronger. For that you may be looking for the best dog food around to offer him. With so many dog food brands wooing the buyers, deciding on the best dog food for your Pitbull becomes a daunting task. Here you need to be armed with the knowledge to understand exactly what to feed Pitbull of yours.

Understanding Pitbulls

Pitbull breed of dogs are muscular and lithe, medium in size and weigh between 30 to 70 pounds. The females are comparatively smaller in size to the males. Contrary to many beliefs, Pitbulls are the gentle dogs, not the ferocious kind as they might look. The Pitbulls are big eaters, so keep track how much they are consuming especially carbs, lest they become overweight. In the later age, these dogs tend to suffer because of their obesity.

The Pitbulls are allergic to certain dog food, such as corn, soy, and wheat. The allergy appears on their skin, especially on white color Pitbulls. The dairy products, chicken, and beef comprise some non-allergic dogfood. So, choosing the best dog food for the Pitbulls is not only the necessity, it is the guarantee for his comprehensive good health.

Requirement of Nutrients for Pitbull

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) maintains that protein in dog food for Pitbull puppies should be 22% of the food intake. For a full-grown Pitbull, 18% protein intake is recommended. The fat is most important content in the dog food. The Pitbull puppies are suggested to have 8% fat in their diet while an adult Pitbull’s fat intake should limit to 5%. Pitbulls need 922 to 1740 calories in their daily intake. Some of the Pitbulls are likely to have arthritis later in their lives.

Pitbull’s food & value of nutrition

Ideally, the best dog food for a Pitbull should contain 40% protein, 24% fat, 4% fiber and 32% other such as vitamins, minerals, and carbs. A balanced diet is necessary for all and Pitbull is no exception. The food which contains right nutrients helps Bullies to survive in a much better way. The prescribed healthy food is the guarantee of longer life and better physical & mental health of your pet. A high protein and low grain food diet prevent many likely diseases in Pitbull.

  • Proteins– The Pitbull breed of dogs is from the tougher stock. They are muscular and need more protein for their muscles, big bones, and repair of torn muscles. Your companion dog is normally recommended to consume 25-30% protein, this is when he is not involved in more physical activities. If he is into tracking, running, sports and hunting then dog nutritionists prescribe 40-50% of protein intake for him. Good sources of protein from lean meats are chicken, beef, turkey and fishes.
  • Fats– The fat in the food contents is as necessary for a dog as sunlight to the plants. Fat content is the energy source that empowers Pitbull to perform various activities that his owner expects of him. The fat makes the coat and the skin of bully shine with the good health. The fat content of 10% is the minimum figure for his survival, but recommended dose in adult Pitbulls is 15-25%. More fat than that in food can cause Pitbull some health problems. The fish oil and chicken fats offer a huge source of fat.
  • Other nutrients– The best dog food for Pitbull offers all the vitamins and nutrients required for the smooth functioning of metabolism of your bully.
  • The vitamins are important for growth and the health of the skin. It fortifies the immune system of Pitbull and keeps him away from possible diseases. Go for the best dog food for Pitbull that has vegetables and fruits as its contents. You can slice some vegetables and mix with the meat to offer this vitamin-rich food to the pet.
  • Carbohydrates– The significance of carbohydrates is undeniable. The carbohydrates provide energy to the dogs and help them in boosting their digestive system. The experts are of the opinion only low carb diet is only good for your pooch.
  • Water- The water is everyone’s lifeline and needed to detoxify the body. Pitbull adult requires 40 ounces of water in a day. It can be determined by one ounce per pound of the body weight. Pitbulls love physical activities hence they require water to refurbish the lost body water. The fresh water should always be kept in his bowl nearby or carry a bottle for him when outdoors.

Avoidable Ingredients in Pitbull’s dogfoods

When you know now ‘what to feed your Pitbull’, you should also know what ingredient is not good for your bully. Pitbulls need higher protein content in the meals but most of the dogfoods available have meat by-products, that is not sufficient to supply the required protein. The knowledge about the source of by-products of meat would refrain you from offering that to your loving pooch.

Avoid the fillers such as corn, soy, and wheat as ingredients of the dog food, these hardly add on the food value. Check and avoid to buy those dog foods that have sugar, salt, and artificial preservatives. These can be the root cause of skins allergies for your pet.

Pitbull feed for weight gain

Every dog has its own bone frame size to carry their body muscles. Pitbull being a medium dog if puts on extra weight look like a rolling ball. Too much feeding may be the reason for his obesity. The obesity carries its own set of health issues from digestive to bone related problems. Ideally, you want your Bully to enjoy the well-balanced health. What if your pet is down on bodyweight? This is how through the best food for Pitbull, the Bully can gain weight to be fit like a fiddle.

  • The first step is to choose the best dog food for your Pitbull which is protein rich but low in additives. Choose the dog food such as Wellness grain, Blue Wilderness, and Orijen etc. These dog foods help the digestion and absorption of the nutrients easily.
  • Next step is to increase calories in the dog food by adding supplements. This will help your Pitbull to take in easy calories along with the needed vitamins. This combination will enhance bully’s immune system to improve the weight.
  • Exercise is the next step to gain back his muscles. It is easy to lose the weight by rigorous exercises for dogs but harder to gain it. With the correct exercises, the Pitbull will have a stronger bone structure where muscles can adhere and grow.

Eating habits of Pitbull

Your goofy companion Pitbull is the food lover to the core, so don’t worry he won’t make a fuss on eating. What you need to check its overeating not eating. Only put the amount of food in the platter, that he is supposed to consume. If more food is there he keeps on nibbling at it from time to time, the result would be obesity for sure. Two meal a day is normally fine with these dogs. In the case of the growing puppies, it would be three meals a day.

Dog food and the common Pitbull health issues

The Pitbull breed of dogs is susceptible to some skin and stomach related diseases. Mostly it is caused by wrong dog food and faster eating habits of the bullies. You can help him to keep away those health issues by offering ideally the best dog foods for Pitbulls available.

  • Allergies due to food– Your adorable Pitbull can be at the wrong end of the inappropriate food and its unhealthy effects. Mostly Pitbulls are allergic to the filler contents in the dog food such as soy, wheat, corns, and artificial preservatives. Especially, the white colored bullies are more visible with these skin allergies. Stay away from the dog foods with these allergens.
  • Bloating– Bloat or gastric torsion is a condition that can be mortal for a Pitbull. When the gas doesn’t find the way out and accumulates inside the stomach, it causes havoc for the poor creature. The main reason for that being a Pitbull eats very fast, mostly swallows by bye-passing chewing. Again, avoid those grains such as corns, wheat, and soy in the dog food, as they release more gas inside. Another way to control his habit of gobbling, you can divide two meals to four and space out with some time in between.
  • Hypothyroidism– A thyroid gland issue with the Pitbulls when it fails to yield hormones. This dysfunction causes laziness, obesity, and dullness in the dog’s coat. A balanced diet is its prescribed treatment.
  • Other health issues noted in Pitbulls– The joints problems in aging bigger breeds can aggravate with obesity. Its treatment, help him eat right in quantity and quality of the best food for Pitbull available.

Understanding the difference between Grain free and Hypoallergic

  • Grain-free– When you call it grain free it means no grains at all but it doesn’t mean that it is without allergens like eggs and soy.
  • Hypoallergic– Hypoallergic food has no grains, soy, corn, gluten or egg. So, it has less chance to affect the allergy prone dogs.

Dogfood quality as available in market

The best food for your pit bull commonly available in the market can’t be termed the healthiest of food for any dog, leave alone your pet bully. They prepare a concoction of wheat, corn, potatoes, and a low percentage meat of chicken. There are few brands for dog foods for the Pitbulls.

There is a lot to consider before focusing on one distinct brand of food. It has also been seen few dogs like humans have different tastes. They will like it the possibility would be there, but one can’t be sure of it. But try the trial and error method add some extra such as meat piece or other things he loves, in the food if the dog turns his face away.

Picking up the best dog food

Pitbull would be happier to get raw meat, although the price might be hard on the wallet. Having bones from the butcher would be a cost-effective option. Meat based dog foods are the most suitable forms of dog food for the Pitbulls. Another way, the dog food for the Pitbull can be mixed with raw meat twice or thrice a week. The owners can look for some best dry dog food for the Pitbulls in the market. This form of dog food can help Pitbull with the nutrition supplement.

What are the best dog foods available in the market?

Best dog foods for Pitbull puppies– Puppy needs a high protein food for enhancing his growth and make his muscles and bones stronger. The best dog food for the Pitbull puppies should have the food contents equal to the larger breed’s puppies. Their food should have the right balance of protein, calcium, phosphorus and fat. A puppy reaches his adulthood by completing one year of his age. The experts believe that best puppy food for the Pitbull puppies should continue till they are just about full grown. So, what is the best food for Pitbull puppies?

  • Blue Wilderness Grain– Some experts feel that The Blue Wilderness Grain free puppy food package is the best dog food for the Pitbull puppies. Physically, it is easily chewable by the puppies and available at an affordable price. Ingredients of this dog food are boned chicken and Turkey meal with high protein. It also contains an important chemical DHA a fatty acid, necessary for the puppy’s growth. Blue Wilderness offers optimized healthy contents that give Pitbull puppies joyful bite.
  • Orijen Puppy– This is among the best puppy food for Pitbull puppies, your puppy will hit off well with it right from the first bite. The food has 72% of meat contents in it. It is high in protein which is sourced from various natural ways. The part of carbohydrates has been limited to 20% only. It has beneficial omega-3 and omega-6 amino acids extracted from fish and fish oil are added to it. The best part is that it is devoid of any growth hormones, steroids, and dangerous preservatives. Orijen Puppy food has been processed at low temperature to keep its nutrients alive and kicking.
  • Wellness Complete dry food– It is one of the best dog foods for the Pitbull puppies. It is specially designed for small breed and Pitbull puppies. Its contents comprise of turkey, oatmeal, and other protein ingredients. This option is cheaper in the cost and recommended for the puppies.

Best dog foods for adult Pitbull

There are so many brands of dog foods available in the stores, that one is confused what to leave or what to buy. What’s the best dog food for your Pitbull? Here find the top picks of the best dog foods for your Pitbull, on the merit of its food contents.

  • Taste of the Wild dry dog food– It is one of the best dry dog foods for Pitbull around, with a taste enhancer smoked meat. It contains 32% protein and 18% fat. Some out of the routine sources of protein got through Bison, Venison, fruits and vegetables is its exclusivity. The food manufacturers have used the carbs variation wisely by using sweet potatoes, supposed to be the good carb. The price is also reasonable and is among the most sold dry dog foods. There are few apprehensions about its ingredients, such as carbs contents, by some fraternity of experts too.
  • Bully Max 30/20 Dogfood– This is a meat based dog food that contains chicken meal supplemented with a higher dose of protein. Its contents are totally natural and prepared with the inputs from veterinarians and food experts.
  • Canine Caviar special needs Chicken/ Rice– A grain free Canine caviar is made from venison meat. It is known to be totally free of antibiotics, hormones, artificial preservatives and chemicals. Its assorted fatty acids are more than other dog foods. The protein present in it is 34% and fat contents are 20%. It is cooked for only 6 seconds that keeps its nutrients alive.
  • Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast Grain-Free Dry Dog– One of the best dog foods for Pitbulls has bison and lamb as its major contents. Its rich 42% protein is ideally suited to a full-grown bully. Its fat contents are 28% the maximum prescribed for the Pitbulls. Great choice as it is grain free and full of vegetables and fruits that give the required nutrients and vitamins. Fiber level in this is 4.4%, it contains no artificial chemicals and being high protein diet it is good for the athletic dogs.

The best food for Pitbulls and the best food for Pitbull puppies are available aplenty, as few of the best have been described above. You got to be careful when dealing with your loving pet Pitbull. Only the best should do for him. Never let the cheaper tag elude you.


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