Best Dog Nail Clippers Reviews in 2017 by Dr. Alice

In order to make clipping your dog’s nails at home a wonderful bonding experience you need the best dog nail clippers. If you are willing to do it yourself at home you can also save some money every year by diminishing the frequency you need to go to the groomer. However, it can be a bit tricky and if you clip the nail wrong or use the wrong equipment for the job you can cause your four-legged friend quite a deal of pain and in severe cases, permanent damage to their feet.

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The aforementioned is why it is so important for pet owners to know how to do the job safely and gently, as well as what equipment is best to use.  So, if you have found yourself on the quest for the best dog nail clippers, look no further. Because that is precisely what we are here to help you find.

Benefits of Buying a Dog Nail Clipper

The first thing we should mention is that you should NEVER, EVER, EVER use human clippers on your dog or cat. Our nails grow wide and flat, which is how our clippers are designed to cut. Your pet’s nails are circular and curved, so the best nail clippers for dogs need a trimmer that will conform to that shape. If you do not use appropriate dog toenail clippers on your furry friends then you run the risk of splintering their nails or cutting too close to their pads, which will be very painful.

The best nail clippers for dogs are specially designed for the shape of your dog or cat’s claws and this will significantly reduce the risk of injury and allow you to groom your pet quickly and comfortably. In short, the benefits include the following:


  • Safely clip your pup’s nails
  • Save money on trips to the veterinarian
  • Maintain the health of your pet
  • Reduction in pet’s self-inflicted wounds
  • Reduce scratches on furniture or wood
  • Keep small children scratch-free


We understand that dogs don’t know better (unless trained) and may scratch up the furniture, or become too excited when the kids come home. Because of this, purchasing a dog nail trimmer intended for a pup will allow you to reduce the aforementioned events.

What to Know About Clipping Your Dog’s Nails

One of the primary components of what makes for the best nail trimmer for dogs is finding a tool which allows you to it quickly. This will be determined by the material and the cutting method used.

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Another very important thing to know about clipping your dog’s nails is where you should be cutting. Your pet’s paw is made up of three sections, the pad, the quick, and the outer nail. It is very important to avoid injuring the quick (the part of your pooch’s nail close to the pad of his/her foot where the blood vessel ends). If your dog’s nail is dark it will be hard to see, but with lighter nails you can actually pinpoint where in the nail your pet’s quick begins. Because dogs and cats have blood vessels in their claws it is very important that you don’t cut close to the pad as this will injure your furry friend.

The style of dog toenail clippers you choose can greatly affect how easily you can clip your fur-buddy’s nails, as some make coming in at different angles easier than others.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Dog Nail Clippers

This might go without saying, but for argument’s sake we’ll say it anyway; dog doesn’t usually like getting their nails clipped. Or, having their feet touched at all, really. So when looking at the best nail trimmer for dogs it is extremely important to get a dog nail trimmer you can use quickly and easily. Below you will find a list of things you should be sure to look for when choosing the best nail clippers for dogs.

Style: This section is broken up into three types of common clippers styles; scissors, guillotine, and grinders.

Scissor Clippers (also known as Millar’s Forge clippers) work much the same way a pair of scissors does, only with a curve in the clipper to accommodate the shape of your dog’s claws (please, don’t use scissors to trim your dog’s nails!). These are best used on dog’s whose nails have been neglected and have grown rather long, or on larger breeds of dogs like the St. Bernard. Larger breeds may have thicker claws and the scissor allows you to get more torque in order to apply the force needed to clip them as opposed to smaller breeds with smaller nails. It also allows you to clip nails that are too big to fit inside the fixed loop of the guillotine. They are also good to use on the dew claw. The dew claw is on the inside ankle of your dog’s paw, and since it is elevated from the ground it tends to get less wear than the other claws might.

The second type of best nail trimmer for dogs is the guillotine. This clipper works by putting the tip of your dog’s nail through a stationary (or fixed) loop. When the handles are squeezed, the blade comes up from the bottom in a slicing motion. This makes it much easier to control the angle the nail is cut (it should be straight up or straight down with this tool) and they often come with stoppers to make it much easier to avoid trimming the delicate parts of your puppy’s nail. Typically, the guillotine blade is replaceable so once it becomes dull you won’t need to replace the entire clipper. They are quick and easy to use and the fixed loop will help you hold the clipper in place for controlled and steady use.

The grinder is not an option that I would typically recommend, as I don’t trust the control the user has over other safer options. It works much like one might guess, by grinding the nail from the outer part to the inner, much like using a Dremel. Though many people will stand by this option as it files the nail for that professionally groomed look, personally I think it is way too unstable to use and therefore an extremely risky a tool for beginners.


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  • Material: One of the primary components to what makes a good nail clipper is that you can clip nails quickly and easily. This will depend a great deal on the material used to make the trimmer. The best material for this tool is stainless steel, as it allows for a sharp long lasting blade. You may find options made with weaker metals, though I would recommend avoiding these options as they are unreliable.


  • Features: The features the clipper comes with can vary widely and this is where personal preferences might make the biggest difference. You should always check to see if the clipper you are looking at features a stopping option, as this will help you protect your pet from injury. Clippers might also come with additions like a guide to clipping your dog’s nails, a file to allow you to professionally groom your dog, or a variety of other additions that makes the product stand out from the standard features offered.


Tips on Choosing the Best Dog Nail Clippers

The easiest way to get your little buddy accustomed to your grooming schedule is to start when they are young. This will build the much-needed trust for handling their feet easily and quickly as well as it becoming a regular bonding opportunity. Make sure you give them lots of treats and love before and after grooming to ensure it is a fun experience for your puppy. This will also help your dog stay calm. This is important because, as you might imagine, it is much more difficult to trim your dog’s nails when they aren’t squirming.

If your dog is squirming or unaccustomed to trimmings it can be helpful to put them up on a table and have them lay on their side. This way is they try to rise or move away you can easily move your body across them to help keep them calm and still.

I hope you never have to go through the heartache of clipping your dog’s nails too short. But, if you do happen to clip the quick on accident there are products you may want to be prepared with before you try trimming for the first time. Styptic powder is specially designed for this purpose so you can rest assured that it is pet safe. If you don’t have these products handy you can always use flour to clot the quick, though I hope you will never have to do this as it will greatly affect your dog’s complacency with future clippings.

A review of the Best Dog Nail Clippers

So, without further ado here are some of the contenders for the best dog nail clippers!

Safari 770045 Dog Nail Clipper

Safaris Best Dog Nail Clippers in actionFirst up in our quest to find the best dog nail clippers we have a scissor style clipper. Let’s take a closer look at its features and break down how each of these features contributes to the value of this particular product.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Sharp Clipping blades
  • Stopper for Fido’s safety
  • Comfortable handle for regular use


Breakdown of the Features

Stainless steel is a great material as it guarantees the Clippers will last a long time. It also guarantees that your blades will remain sharp after multiple uses. And lastly, this model features a safety stopper to ensure you and your pet have a safe and pleasant clipping experience. Remember, clipping your dog’s nails shouldn’t be a chore for either of you, but rather an opportunity for the two of you to bond.

The Advantages of the Product

One of the advantages to getting this brand is that you have a size option, so if you have a particularly large breed you need only get the large clippers. Also, since it is a scissor style trimmer you need not worry about the clipping mechanism being strong enough to trim even the most coarse and thick claws. It also features the much-needed safety stopper to ensure you don’t cut too close to the quick. It also comes with a comfortable non-slip handle to allow you easy maneuvering.

The Disadvantages of the Product

While this is a great pair of dog nail clippers, those with smaller breeds may find this as an overload with their pet. Even though it serves it’s intended purpose (very well, might I add), there may be better products out there that cater to the size of your breed. However, if you choose this one anyway, you won’t be disappointed as it does perform the intended functions well.

Pet Neat Dog Nail Clippers

Up next we have a scissor/guillotine clipper combo with the list of features the Pet Neat bringing to the table:


  • Very sharp for easy and accurate clipping
  • Blades are made of stainless steel
  • Guillotine style clippers
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip
  • Safety stop to help you avoid cutting the wrong part of the nail
  • Comes with a nail file


Breakdown of the Features

As mentioned in an aforementioned section, it is extremely imperative that your clippers are sharp to make the process of clipping quick and easy for you and your pooch. The stainless-steel blades guarantee a long-lasting product that will accurately and easy work each and every time. The guillotine style clipper is effective, but may be difficult to use with larger breeds. The safety stop will help ensure the comfort of your pet and the nail file will give you that professionally groomed look if you wish to spend the time.

The Advantages of the Product

With the combination of the scissor style loops and the guillotine slicing blade, these clippers allow the user to get at the nail from a number of difficult angles in order to clip the sometimes difficult dew claw from the right direction. The ergonomic shape of the handles also makes it easier for you to hold the clipper comfortable which will help you keep your hand steady when clipping. Additionally, it comes with a nail file if you want to go the extra mile and make your dog’s nails nice and even for a professionally groomed look. Filing the nail will also help prevent splintering as the surface will be smooth and even.

The Disadvantages of the Product

Since this clipper is a guillotine style it cannot be used on large breeds. While it doesn’t affect the performance of the product, it’s something that should be viewed and noted before purchasing.

MoJo Dog Nail Clippers

mojos best nail clippers for dogsComing up to the plate we have Mojos best dog nail clippers; a scissor style pair of dog clippers which include the following features:


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Can be used on both dogs and cats
  • Comes with nail file
  • Guard to protect sensitive lower nails
  • Adjustable angles


Breakdown of the Features

The special feature to this clipper is that you can use it on more than one pet. It is made of stainless steel, a standard feature on any worthwhile clipper. It comes with a safety guard and adjustable angles for use on cats and dogs. And, finally, it comes with a nail file to really go the extra mile in pet care.

The Advantages of the Product

The big advantage these clippers have to offer is that they are designed to be used on both cats and dogs. Using clippers only designed for dogs can be a bit difficult with cats because a dog’s nail is more cylindrical and a cat’s claw has a narrower triangle shape. These clippers are designed for both so you can use them safely in a household with multiple pets.

The Disadvantages of the Product

As they are also designed for cats, you will have a bit of an issue if you have a large breed of dog, which is the primary reason for getting scissor style clippers. However, it’s not uncommon for people to use cat nail clippers on smaller breeds, as they have similar measurements. While it’s not a real disadvantage, and it doesn’t affect the performance, it’s something that MUST be noted if you have a larger breed of dog.

Wagglies Professional Dog Nail Clippers

dog nail trimmer by wagglesAnother scissor/guillotine-combo style clipper, Wagglies best dog nail clippers boast a number of features that aim to provide a healthy nail-clipping experience. Features of the aforementioned include the following:


  • Stainless steel blades
  • Non-slip handles for steady use
  • Safety guard to protect your pets
  • Comes with nail file
  • Comes with eBook


Breakdown of the Features

These clippers were designed for at home use by fixing them with precautionary safety features and including an eBook. The handles are non-slip and come with a nail file, which allows versatility in trying to maintain the health of your dog’s nails. Whether your dog is big or small, a squeamish dog can mean a hurt dog. It’s imperative to have something like a safety guard and non-slip handles, like the Wagglies clippers have in order to protect them.

The Advantages of the Product

By offering an eBook on how to safely clip your dog or cat’s claws shows that they had at home clipper users in mind when they designed these clippers. This feature makes the MoJo clipper ideal for beginners who may not know all the necessary information about clipping nails at home. The stainless-steel blades also guarantee long-term use without significant dulling. In addition to this feature, they also come with a slip-proof handle to give you steady clipping capabilities.

The Disadvantages of the Product

These clippers will not work if the nail is neglected to the point of growing in a closed circle as the nail needs to fit through the closed loop of the guillotine. Though this problem only occurs in extreme cases where the pet has gone extended periods without grooming or ware or with large breeds whose nails won’t fit the parameters of the guillotine blade.

Green Street Pet Basics Professional Dog Nail Clippers

greenstreet best dog toenail clippersLastly, we have a scissor/guillotine-combo clipper that is one of Green Streets best dog nail clippers. These dog toenail clippers aid in maintaining the health of your pup’s nail while providing safety features to further benefit the user and the dog. Features of the Green Street dog nail trimmer include the following:


  • Stainless steel blades
  • Comfortable non-slip handle
  • Safety stopper – great for squirmish dogs!
  • Also has a nail file


Breakdown of the Features

As you may have noticed by now, this scissor/guillotine-combo comes with all the basic features that make a decent dog nail trimmer– stainless steel, safety stopper, and comfortable handle. One of the features that makes this product one of the best dog nail clippers is that It also comes with an added nail file to allow you to extend your groom ritual to the finer points if you so choose.

The Advantages of the Product

You can rest assured that these clippers will remain sharp and last through multiple clippings since they are fashioned from stainless steel. The comfortable grip guarantees steady and easy clipping for quick grooming. And you can rest assured with the safety stopper that these clippers will make grooming sessions as pain-free as possible.

The Disadvantages of the Product

You may be noticing a theme at this point with guillotine clippers; they do not work well with large dogs. The additional nail file is a nice perk but a little pointless if the tool is too small to use on your dog.

The Final Verdict

We have seen a lot of great options today in finding the best dog nail clipper, but when everything’s said and done the only thing that matters is the best buying option. While you may feel overwhelmed with the options, in this case I saved the best for last with the Safari 770045 Dog Nail Clipper. Though all these clippers come with some great features, the standards remain the same. The big difference with the Safari clipper is that you need not worry as to whether or not it can be used on your breed of dog, large or small.

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