How to Choose a Dog Breed for Your Lifestyle

Everybody has their favourite dog breed, but when it comes to bringing one home, you can’t make the decision from a superficial standpoint.

Each breed of dog comes with different demands and traits, so it’s ideal to choose a dog that can easily slot into your everyday life. Some breeds are more proactive and energetic than others and require more attention, so you need to feel certain that whichever dog breed you choose, they will be able to easily adapt to your life, before you bring them home.

Read on to discover what things you should consider when choosing the right dog breed for your lifestyle.

Home Size

If your home is somewhat cramped or lacks outside space, it’s probably best to focus your search on a smaller breed such as a Pug, Yorkshire Terrier or Jack Russell. However, be wary as some smaller dogs are extremely active and require a lot of space so they can let off some steam.

Due to their energy levels, small dogs can be known to make a racket, so by bringing them into a home with limited space, they can make a lot of noise which can be a nightmare for not only you, but also your neighbours.

Larger breeds such as German Shepherd’s require a lot of space purely due to their size and not the fact that they’re active. They’re especially perfect for homes with a garden as they like to stroll around and get equated with their surroundings.


Bringing in a furry addition to your home can go one of two ways, hopefully it will adapt with ease to family life but that’s not always the case.

How the animal interacts with your children is pivotal and it’s recommended that you find a friendly, social breed. Labradors are wonderful with children and can quickly acclimatise to home life, however, dogs too need a bit of time to become acquainted with new owners, so it’s important to know that things may not be entirely smooth sailing from the get-go.

If your child is still at infant age then they will need constant supervision in the presence of a pet dog, regardless of their breed and how child friendly they are.


When people purchase pet, it’s easy to underestimate the overall cost.

If you’re worried that you don’t have the finances to provide for a dog, then you shouldn’t get one at all. Sometimes smaller dogs can be cheaper to maintain than larger dogs, as they don’t require quite as much food, but it is very important that you work out all of the cost implications before bringing a new pet home.

However, the cost of veterinary treatment for any dog, no matter their size or breed can mount up, so it is a good idea to invest in pet insurance, to keep you protected from unexpected bills.


Are you at home much during the day? If not, there are a few breeds that can cope with being alone better than others, although all dogs require the love of an owner, so it’s important to not be absent too often.

So which dog breed is best for owners who spend a lot of time in the office? Breeds such as the Basset Hound have low energy levels and spend most of their day sleeping. Less-active pets are certainly the ideal choice for busy owners.

Breeds such as the Dalmatian, Border Collie and Golden Retriever need as much exercise as they can get, and need to run for at least 10 – 15 minutes a day. This means potential owners will need to make sure they dedicate enough time to walking each day.

No matter what breed they are, all dogs need regular exercise, and so if you’re unable to fit that into your life, it might not be the right time for you to get a dog.

Consider these tips when the time comes for you to choose the ideal pet for you and your family’s lifestyle. It’s important to remember that a pet’s needs are equally as important as your own, so make sure to choose a breed which you can keep happy and healthy at all times.

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