Scholarship Challenge: Innovation in Dog Care

To be eligible for this scholarship program you should be involved in the care of dogs. This could mean that you own one or more pet dogs, that you work alongside dogs on a farm or that you are involved in some other way with dogs and other animals.


You should be an individual who is passionate about providing dogs with the best care possible. This involves every aspect of dog care from the provision of healthy and nutritious means to providing the personal love and care that every dog needs.

As well as being a lover of dogs we are also looking for students with an innovative mind who can come up with either a unique program that will encourage and promote the improved care of dogs or a product or tool that will make caring for and nurturing dogs easier.

Some examples of the type of product or program that we are looking for include:

  • Nutrition and diet charts to help dog owners provide their dogs with the best and most nutritious food all year around
  • Training tools that help dog owners to train their dogs
  • Tools or devices that will encourage the fitness of dogs
  • Fitness programs that pet owners can implement with their dogs
  • A device for monitoring a dogs overall health and happines

Sample Article: Best Hypoallergenic Dog Foods revealed by Dr. Alice

Available To

This program is primarily aimed at both Full Time and Part Time students currently studying in either Undergraduate or Postgraduate courses. The program is also open to International students as long as they are able to communicate remotely using phone and email.

Award Value: $1200

We have a total award of $1200 set aside for the program. This award money will be divided between both the winner and two runners up in the following manor:

Winner $600
2nd Place Runner Up $350
3rd Place Runner Up $250


Deadline for Applications

We are reopening the program for applications beginning 22th March 2017 and the deadline for all entrants is 31st August 2017. All applications must be fully completed and received by Love Your Woof on or before this date in order to be accepted.

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Don’t worry if you miss the deadline as we will be running this program on a yearly basis.

Check the requirements by visiting Write for us Page

Contact Details

You can email at for any questions or concerns that you may have about the scholarship program.

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